Recap: Teaching Game Design
November 5, 2014
By Jolene Zywica
On October 28 we were joined by Bev Vaillancourt from Zulama for a Small Talk about teaching game design in schools. Here's the video in case you missed it.

Here are additional resources from the session and a second session on November 4: 
Introduction to Interactive Entertainment taught by William Huber
Simulations and Games, an undergraduate course taught by Anthony Betrus
Teaching and Learning with Simulations and Games, a graduate course taught by Anthony Betrus
Games and building games
Zulama's perspective on game design

You can find even more resources – and contribute your own - in our Games in the Classroom group.
Jolene Zywica
Community Manager at Working Examples. PhD in Learning Sciences and Policy. Obsessions include identity, open web, home-school connections, being strategic, Avett Brothers, and being outdoors.
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