WEx Team, Signing Off
January 29, 2015
By Anna Roberts
Tomorrow is the WEx project team's last day of funding. While our team won't be here in the same capacity, the site and community remains. We've done our best in last few months to make sure that things are stable, secure, and easy for everyone to use. And now we're officially turning WEx over to you, leaving this amazing community of people and ideas in your capable hands.
Keep WEx Growing
We've spent years building this community and there are so many amazing people and ideas that have come together here. That momentum doesn't have to stop now! In fact, keep an eye out for new Examples on the site this month from the folks who are submitting for the GLS Conference's Working Examples track. It was a huge success last year and brought some really cool people, projects and conversations to the site. In fact, do you have something interesting that you might want to submit...?
Tips Moving Forward: Back-Up Your Work
Please be sure to back-up your Examples via the Export function. Without an active team, there won't be a programmer to keep the site up to date. We did the best to make sure that it's stable, but there are no guarantees. As such, be sure to create "back-up" documents of your Examples using the Export function:
  • Log-in to WEx
  • From your Example, press the Export button in the top right corner (in the blue bar, next to the Edit button)
  • Choose the file type (.docx or .txt will allow you edit your backed up version) and whether you'd like to include your Progress section and comments.
  • Press Export
Lastly, Thank You
The last three years have been an amazing experience and you all have made this journey an amazing one – broadening our perspectives and helping us to find our way forward. Your passion and the work that all of you do have been the most inspiring part of this experience. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
If you're interested in learning more about the successes and challenges that WEx faced, I've posted our final report here (see below) and on our Example.
I look forward to crossing paths with you again, both on- and off-line!
Anna Roberts
Director of Working Examples. Certified design geek. Strategist. People person. Status quo questioner. Visual thinker. World wanderer. General lover of life. @wranglecreative
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