WEx Webinar: How do we build effective learning games?
March 25, 2014
By Courtney Francis
Design, content, pedagogy, testing, engineering – how do these come together to make educational games that work?
Join us April 10 at 2pm EDT for a discussion with creators of learning games about how they do their work. Dan White, Executive Producer at Filament Games and Dennis Ramirez, game designer and doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, will take questions and discuss their experiences in learning game development, detailing their own perspective and the ways that other disciplines can work together to help create effective learning games.
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How will this work?
This isn’t just a discussion for game designers - we’ll explore the integral role of experts, educators, designers, researchers and other groups in creating entertaining games that also support learning. Everyone’s voice is critical to this conversation, so if you’re curious about learning games or on the periphery of their development, be sure to register.
If you’ve got specific questions you want us to address in this session you can add them in the comments or submit them via chat at the session.
Courtney Francis
I'm the Outreach Manager at Working Examples. I'm passionate about design, collaboration and technology, and I get really excited when they work together to solve problems and promote innovation.
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